I Happen to See the Perfect Piece of Art by Mother Nature

I Happen to See the Perfect Piece of Art by Mother Nature

I traveled to the prairie and saw a lot of green grass, a lot of silence, not many people/kids and lots of greenery. There were tiny bright flowers, a few trees, and bushes. A few high mountains could be seen far away and a few cows eating grass. The goats were eating grass peacefully. A bit of the grass was yellow, and one or two huts were there too. The grasshoppers hopped from leaf to leaf.

I even saw a water lake, a bridge on top of the lake, and three to four farmhouses. I saw some horse riders riding through the lush green grass. The small birds were among the most beautiful creatures flying in the blue sky. The clouds were all scattered. The sunset view was amazing, it was all hot pink – the sky was pink the clouds were light pink and the sun was sinking behind the mountains. And we saw all of that at the prairie.

There was hardly any sound. Yet I could feel the flowers singing with joy, the birds chirping and celebrating their freedom, the water running across the stream without disturbing the natural peace. What a wonderful combination of colors and sounds it was. A perfect piece of art by Mother Nature!

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