My Visit to the Grass Land Full of Beautiful Flowers, Plants and Trees Turned Out to be a Nightmare

My Visit to the Grass Land Full of Beautiful Flowers, Plants and Trees Turned Out to be a Nightmare

I travelled to the prairie and saw a vast beautiful land with tall green grass, flowering plants and isolated trees. I could feel a cool breeze all over my skin. All the little shrubs and grass around me swayed with the light wind. The earthy smell of nature surrounded me and I was absolutely thrilled to explore the area.

My admiration for the beauty of nature was interrupted by a loud thumping sound. It was very loud and I could feel the ground quivering under my feet. I first thought it was an earthquake but then it stopped. I took a few steps forward to comprehend what it was or what caused it. As I moved forward, I saw a beautiful lake but what I saw next filled me with astonishment. I saw a large dinosaur drinking from the lake. On further observing, I realized that it was a T-Rex, about 10 meters tall, having a rough scaly skin with bone-crushing teeth. I was absolutely captivated by the sight of it without realizing how dangerous it could be. I stealthily tried to take a closer picture of the fascinating animal but to my ignorance, the clicking sound of the camera caught his fierce attention. I saw the big ferocious, bulging eyes of that creature turning towards me and that was the moment when my fascination of that animal converted into a nightmare! All I thought was of surviving as I contemplated the consequences of being so close to a predator.

I thought of escaping without catching the attention of the animal but as soon as I took a step away, the fierce animal roared and stomped at me. The roar was so loud that my ear drums were about to pop. I started running as fast as my legs could carry me. I could feel the huge beast chasing me and getting closer.  As I looked back, the beast plunged at me and I could feel its sharp claws tearing into in my skin. I thought it was the end of me. As its bone crushing jaw came close to me to check my head off….I woke up!!!

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