When The Horror Started..

Once I was left alone at home as my parents had gone for dinner. I was watching TV when I suddenly heard some strange noises. As my dream is to be an agent I bravely went outside to see what caused the noise. I saw fog in front of our house which was really weird as it was summer.

I suddenly saw a black cat staring at me with red huge eyes. I felt as if someone was watching me. So I decided to go back to the house and to call my friends so that I don’t feel scared but just as I was about to go inside I saw some people around me I thought they were normal people but they were ghosts. Now I started feeling dizzy and fainted. After a while when I woke up I saw that I was lying on my bed. I thought I had a bad dream but soon I realized that my parents weren’t  home I knew it was real. I knew something was wrong. Now I heard some crashing noises. I was relieved that my mother is here thinking that she must have come back from dinner, so she must have dropped a dish. I went into the kitchen and she was there holding a knife facing towards the table, so I couldn’t see her face. So I told her that “today was a really crazy day ”and she replied “oh really sweetie” It was really awkward at that time because I felt that she wasn’t my mother  but a ghost so I quietly  went into my baby brother’s room because it felt  as if he was crying , I went into his room but he wasn’t crying, in fact, he was flying in the air. I  saw that someone was holding him but as I went closer and touched the person it felt like air as my hand went right through the figure. Now I knew that it was a ghost. I wanted my brother back so I asked politely ‘’can I hold him ” but it just stared at me with his red eyes and shouted ‘no’ which were the same red eyes as the cat which I had just seen so now I snatched my brother and ran away from it but it kept following me so I ran through the fog with my brother into the neighbors house now as I knew I was safe I looked behind but it had disappeared in the fog.






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    Nadia 8 months

    Good effort

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    Shuaib 8 months

    Great piece of horror. Keep it up kid. 

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