RMS, Khyber Campus Lifting More Trophies!


Roots Best Schools Sports Futsal


The importance of sports and games in any school cannot be denied at any tier because it encompasses more than just the benefit of play or physical activity. It increases self-esteem and mental alertness in children. Sports and Games are necessary for every school age child as it teaches them the spirit of patience, perseverance, teamwork and courage. Team building teaches students companionship and sportsman spirit and the ability to rise again after defeat.

In order to inculcate all these attributes in our students, our Head Boy Abdullah Khan under the Sports Club arranged Inter School Futsal matches and invited various schools of Peshawar to our campus. The City School, IIUI and Army Public schools attended the tournament.


In two pools of A and B matches, Roots Millennium Schools, Khyber Campus lifted the Winner’s Trophy in pool A matches and Runners Up trophy in pool B matches.

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