To My Younger Self

To My Younger Self

Year 2040, September 2nd Waking up, I see nothing. The world has fallen. Humans and many animals are dying. One by one, all hope left in me has disappeared. All of this is because of us! US HUMANS, who were too greedy. No matter what happened, we never stopped. Wildfires which took place, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, we would never stop. No matter how much we were warned by nature itself, we took advantage of it.

Who am I, you all must wonder. I am a scientist. My name is Lina Del. I saw the world leading itself into destruction. In the year 2040, humans developed much more than we had ever imagined. From flying cars to lined cities, which were much more advanced than we had ever thought. All of this development, but we missed a crucial point. We were only leading towards self-destruction. All of us celebrated it as a golden era, while I tried to save the world.

It all started when a colleague of mine, Lisa Brooklyn had a massive idea. To be honest I was against it. A virus was made. This virus was not any ordinary virus. This was a biochemical weapon. The project was called the Silar Scheme. It was similar to the nuclear power of the 2000s, but it was a lot more dangerous. A biochemical called silar, discovered in 2030, was released within the rain. The reason why I have called it a virus is, because it acts like a virus. It slowly takes over the body of an organism, as if it is alive. The smallest thought about it gives me shivers. If only had I stopped this, millions wouldn’t have died. Oh GOD PLEASE HELP US AND SEND MERCY TO US!

With me, I have my parents and my 2 children, Hina who is 10 and Tess who is just 6.

I am worried for them. At the moment we are in a bunker provided by the science establishment, a famous organization, originally working for the betterment of society. We had drifted away from our goal. My mind is full of sorrows; I have to leave them. Only now the fate of the world lies in my hand.

There was food shortage, the last time I heard of the outside world. I regret it all. I hope that humans survive the end of this all, yet I wish they don’t. This terror was introduced by us, after all. My thoughts are interrupted by my youngest as she questioned, “Mom, are you going to leave me?” I nodded a yes, as my throat was stuck, and no sound came out when I tried to speak. My daughter noticed the sad look on my face and replied, “Mommy, I know you will save the world, yay mommy will be a superhero.”

My heart trembled, I reminded myself to remain strong thanks to these encouraging words. She may be young, but she had to grow up fast. I told her to take care of her older sister, as Tess is more mature than her. I said farewell to my parents and my children, hoping to meet them again.

Year 2041, March 1st

More than a year has passed, I have failed. Humanity has perished. I believe I am one of the last humans alive. I lost contact with my parents and my children four months ago. It bleeds my heart to think the worst being possible. Wait…. There is a way… a letter I can send. A letter to my past self. MY PAST SELF IF YOU REAd THIS THAN PLEASE DO NOT LET SILAR DEVELOP, AND DON’T LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVE PLANET TO REPLACE EARTH. EARTH IS THE BEST OPTION WE HAVE. SAVE IT FROM ANY CALAMITY, WHETHER IT BE GLOBAL WARMING OR NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. LITTLE STEPS MATTER. ONLY WE CAN SAVE IT.

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