People Are Too Attached To Their Devices

People Are Too Attached To Their Devices

The technology advancement of today is primarily why people are so attached to cell phones. Cell phones are portable and provide immediate access.

ShapeNowadays, everyone everywhere is attached to their devices. If anyone calls out to them, they will listen but their mind and eyes will be in the world of Wi-Fi. If you ask for permission for something, they will either say ‘okay’ without listening to you or they will ask you to keep repeating the sentence because their minds are not paying attention to you, In fact they are paying attention to what’s happening in the device. When parents tell their children to turn their devices off, the child will refuse saying that they have work or that this is the technology era etc.

ShapeAnywhere you go, almost 90% of the people will be glued to their screens. Whether this ‘place’ is an airport, a café or even at home. And as this gets more addictive, you don’t listen to people and soon you use your devices so much that you can’t live without it being close to you or in your pocket. Many people think that without an IPhone, you will not be considered advanced or anything like that. But truth is; your phone ‘brand’ doesn’t matter because your ‘apple device’ doesn’t define you. Children also get really mad if you’d take their devices away. This is defined as ‘addiction’, children would demand for Wi-Fi or a router because they are used to living with devices.

Some people frequently check and re-check their mobile phones. Once this impulse is triggered, it may be more a question of not being able to leave the device alone than actually hoping to gain some reward from it. Excessive use of devices interferes with social activities, therefore increases depression. Devices also make your brain lazy. Overuse can cause stress, depression and also sleep deprivation.

ShapeMany people get temptations about chat or something, and so they open their cell phones and then open that. This prevents the person to stay away from the phone or device. Many comments about social media can put a person into overthinking about that and so, depression. If your device gets lost, you will be panicking about it. Electronics can be a big-time killer. Looking at the screens of electronic devices for extended periods of time isn’t good for your eyes, and, when you get right down to it, the endless exposure we have to electronics these days can get boring. Sometimes it’s easy to spend more time with our electronics than we really want to.

ShapeBut there is still a way you can stay away from devices. You must keep yourself on a schedule, try to turn off your notifications. Take the distracting apps off your screen, spend time outside and never keep your phone in reach, because if the phone is in reach; then you will reach for it. You can distract yourself from the biggest distraction by going outside, running errands, reading novels, or even dive into the arts!

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