Sightseeing In Pakistan

Whenever people think of Pakistan, all that comes to their mind is terrorism, extremism, sectarianism, corruption, load shedding and inflation but despite all these issues, we immensely love our country. Amidst all the chaos we have forgotten the beauty of our landscape.

Pakistan is full of breathtaking locations which will make you fall in love with this country all over again. If you are a tourist or love travelling then you must compile a list of places you plan to visit this very holiday. Most of these exotic places are historical and scenic sights but each location has its own special touch that spices up your life in different ways.

This article will be your guideline if you decide to take a trip around our beloved homeland-Pakistan. It’ll tell you all about the endless, gorgeous destinations you could visit on your trip.

Naltar valley is one place people talk about all the time. Naltar is famous for its colorful lakes; it is situated at a drive of 2.5 hours from Gilgit. The world’s tastiest potatoes are cultivated here. Clouded in pine trees, this valley doesn’t seem to be a part of this world. If you really want to experience paradise in this world, you should visit Naltar at least once.

If you’re more into remote and scenic places, visiting the Deosai plains is a must. Deosai is located on the boundary of Karakoram and the western Himalayas. It remains covered with snow for 8 months. The rest of the year, it hosts a range of beautiful flowers of all hues and colors

Just a little ahead of Rama Village, which is 11 kilometers from Astore, is a beautiful and serene plain called Rama Meadow. If you ever happen to find yourself in plain, ice-cold and milk-white water flowing in streams, sheep and cows grazing in peace, pine trees, Chongra’s ice-covered peak in background, and Nanga Parbat’s southern ridge are in view, then you are probably in Rama Meadow.

Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful and most visited destinations of Pakistan. It is a fairy tale land surrounded by beautiful rugged & snow capped mountains. Only at a distance of 100 Km from Gilgit, Hunza is a small town on Karakorum Highway, situated in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, bordering with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China. Just like that Hunza is a traveler’s dream comes true.

The Kalash valleys of Chitral are located in the southern gorges of the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The valleys share a 380 km border with Afghanistan in the north & west, and the Central Asian states of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kirghizstan are easily accessible from the area. To the east lies Gilgit, from where one can reach China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region along the legendary Karakoram Highway.

The Walled City of Lahore, the historic city center, contains many buildings, bazaars, public spaces, and monuments of high cultural, architectural and historic value. Despite recent developments and over-commercialization of the area, it still  retains much of its intangible and tangible heritage including a high concentration of pre-colonial architecture. This magnificent walled territory was and still is entered through thirteen chased gates-each having a unique name. So if you want to take a tour in a mix-pack and concealed city, you’ll know where to come.

So if you’re willing to explore snowy plains, a pine tree paradise or an enclosed city , you won’t need to leave your homeland because Pakistan is a wonderland full of phenomenal sights to see.

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