You Are The Security Guard At The Zoo And Someone Stole The Rhinoceros! How Would You Track Down The Thief?

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If I was the security guard at the zoo, I would be alert about anything that is going on in there, but if I am somewhere from where I can’t see what’s going on or I am on a break then I won’t be able to see what is going on. But in more than a thousand possibilities what are the chances that when I am out only then someone would come and do something which could be harmful to the animals or even steal them. And this is what actually happened.

One day I was out on a break when I heard noises from the outside. I rushed to check what was going on. But there was no one there when I reached, I thought it was just that animals were moving. I went around to check if anything was different. I went to the lions, tigers, hippos, elephants and other animals’ sections to check but I found nothing. The last section was where the rhinoceros were kept and I was sure nothing would happen but to my surprise when I went inside I … saw … that … the … rhin … o … ce … ros was missing!! I got so worried and informed everyone in the zoo about it. I deputed someone else on my duty and investigated the place closely. Then I checked the floor and saw footprints which were fading away so I quickly went to find them. I also informed the police and continued my hunt. I went only a little further and the marks vanished, however I heard the animals’ sounds and also that of thieves. I ran but the thieves did so too hence I started to walk again. Soon I saw tracks of a truck and started following those which also get vanished in no time. In spite of that I was able to see one rhinoceros running my way. Meantime it returned and the thieves ran behind it. Seeing this, I sent a few of the policemen behind them and went the way thieves came from by tracing their footprints.

Finally, I was able to bring the rhinoceros back and put it in the zoo. They were the biggest thieves ever and what they did with animals was an alarming news to hear. They did all sorts of experiments on them and they could die that way too. Luckily, we arrived in time so they couldn’t start any experiments. The police put the thieves in their place and I put the rhinoceros in its own while getting cameras installed so something like this never happens again.

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    Sarmad 4 years

    Great to see Izza as a security guard at Zoo.😜
    Enjoy the story…
    Keep it up Izza…
    Next Pakistani J.K.Rowling must be you…

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