RMS One World Campus Marks 100% IB Result

RMS One World Campus Marks 100% IB Result

The Millennium Education marks 100% result in the International Baccalaureate – MYP Examinations 2020. The IB Middle Year Programme (MYP) is an extensive five years programme that encourages students to become critical and reflective thinkers.

IB MYP Programme is an educational experience that is broad, balanced and coherent which aims to develop inquisitive, knowledgeable and caring young learners who can help to create a better and prosperous world through intercultural understanding and respect. TME One World is an IB MYP authorized school, they pride in personalized inquiry-based educational experiences for all learners in a nurturing and comprehensive environment. RMS One World Campus goal is to provide students with a high-quality education that will equip and enable them to acquire the attributes of the IB learner profile and to gain entrance to and succeed at the finest international universities around the world.

It is at the very heart of the RMS educational policy to bring out the best in a student mentally, intellectually, academically, physically & culturally through advancements in the school curriculum, teaching pedagogy, school culture, learning environment and enabling technology.

During the time when world closed down for repairs, threat and risk of contagious virus jolted every dimension of life. The IB MYP examination result for the academic year 2020-21 is a testament of the collective hard work of teachers, learners and school. TME IB MYP qualified learners are Abdullah Anwer Khan, Abdul Rehman Aman,  Anshrah Saeed Malik, Ayema Najam, Ena Brohi, Hamna Siddiqui, Mikhail Lakhani, Rameen Rashid, Sardar Karim Hayat Khan and Wahaj Hussain.

The Millennium Education- One World Campus Principal Ms. Asma Imran under the visionary leadership Excellency Mr. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) felt immense gratitude and sheer pride while announcing the tremendous result IB MYP students have produced this year. Students felt ecstatic and overwhelmed for their accomplishments whereby are looking forward to avail thanksgiving opportunity to cherish the sustained efforts put forth by all stakeholders.

The Millennium Education, school, teachers, class fellows, and IB community extends sincere congratulations to learners and their parents and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

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