Rising Star | The Diana Award Recipient | Ayesha Shaikh 

Rising Star | The Diana Award Recipient | Ayesha Shaikh 

Winning the award established in memory of Diana is considered the “highest accolade” a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian efforts. All it takes is passion and action to engage in things for the betterment of the community. 

Our Millennial Ayesha Shaikh has received this prestigious award for promoting quality education, health and for creating solutions for sustainability in communities. It is a reflection of her interest to be a change-maker to develop and inspire positive change in society.

Her work is focusing on SDG 3, “Good Health and Well-being” and SDG 4, “Quality Education” and will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Both of the SDG`s she selected are among the core pillars of the developed society. Quality education is essential for nurturing the upcoming generations that are the future of our country.

Mental Health along with physical health is important at all stages of life starting from childhood till adulthood. A healthy mind can lead us to a healthy body, it’s more like a vicious circle, a healthy mind can exist in a healthy body. So it’s crucial to have good health. 

It is indeed a moment of pride for her School, Parents, Teacher, Class-fellows, and Country as she is one of the 2 individuals who have been selected for this prestigious award from Pakistan.
We are thankful to Sir Faisal Mushtaq for inspiring the learners and building their confidence by presenting them with multiple platforms to enhance their learning and portfolios.
On behalf of the entire TME Family, we would like to congratulate Ayesha Shaikh on this tremendous achievement and wish her more success.
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