Me, My School And Our History

I have been in Roots Millennium School for as long as I can remember. It was 25th July, 2017 when I got my admission after we shifted to Bahria Town. The old times were the best as I came to school with friends and along the way we would joke around or make silly jokes such as you are stupid or you are weird.

Sometimes I just wish that my time from Grade 5 would just come back. Our teachers, our same classes, our fights, arguments, everything. It was just so satisfying. Like last year, me and my bros would go have fight and us all would fight, fight and fight and then the ones who had won the fight would tackle us to the ground. We used to put balloons on their chairs to pop. I still remember how Mohsin ran out of the class after hearing the pop of a balloon when he was new.

My school is not the same as it was as before because as all of us know old friends=real friendship, new friends=not too close. I just wish that our exams get over quickly and I know what all of us boys will do at this year’s end. Start off with a water throwing fight. We did the same last year and had a brilliant summer.

Three cheers to every millennial reading this Millebeat. SEE YA BROS and good luck!

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