If Your Fingers Could Talk What Would They Say ?

If Your Fingers Could Talk What Would They Say ?

It is said that we all have a unique fingerprint, that the pattern of swirls and spirals that are imprinted on our hand, on our fingerprints never change and for no two people are these the same. This must mean that our hands have a distinct idea, meaning and purpose.  In the crevices of our skin, perhaps a cicatrix, hold deep within themselves stories that require one to simply stop and observe our talking finger that hoe fingers utter.

Just Imagine an Adventure Narrated by our Fingers & our Hands

Remember a time you were angry, how you fists clenched. Remember when you were writing poetry, reminisce the emotions flowing through your fingers and onto the paper. Recall when you were playing chess, how your fingers would pick up the piece and lead it to victory or how they would wipe the tears off your face when you were feeling down. Fingers, my friends, are more than just parts of a human body.

We often seem to take this for granted, how beautifully they are made, their joints and their connections; their swift and smooth movement that allows us to catch a ball, play table tennis and carrom. Have we ever stopped to wonder what life would be like without them?

If our fingers could talk, what would they say?

The words our fingers would utter would be of hardship, pain, love and ecstasy; it would recall the times it dipped in the sensational freezing waters of the glaciers in the northern areas or the time it got burned while making tea, maybe a time when it got cut slicing vegetables or grasping the warmth of the hand of our loved ones. Our fingers have long been by our side let’s stop and wonder what they would want to say?

Maybe the talking finger would give us lessons to take care of them. To not be irresponsible and burn them or cut them. Maybe they would tell us the value of love and tell us to reach for our loved ones, to not let them slip through the fingers like sand. They would tell us to hold tightly the hand of the person we love, to never let go no matter the troubles that come our way.

They would say that they have been with us and will be with us our whole life, they would want to do something that would raise their worth, they would want us to do well, to have a hand in changing the world and forging ahead not stop change. They would want to help the world, become ‘The Helping Hand’ and lift others.

Talking Finger

My fingers help me write, they help the emotions and thoughts escape from the cage buried so deep within my soul. My fingers become the hero of the words I enclosed in the prison deep below. They reveal the situation and circumstances that I hide and shine a light on the worries I handle.

But these fingers help me fight against this delusion and work on the paper to find a way through this confusion. My talking finger caress the darkness of the soul and the darkness of the world, quench the wounded desires that I’ve put away in my caged soul. The fingers let the blood flow through my veins and onto the paper and let emerge from the darkness, words that shine bright.

What do you think your hand would want? What story do you think your fingers will tell?

-Muhammad Talha Ali

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    Noman sarwar 4 months

    Ma sha Allah talha you wrote wonderfull artical.

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    Fareesa Fargham 4 months

    This is so good, I am in awe of the write-up. You portrayed the words so beautifully

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    Fareesa Fargham 4 months

    Very beautiful

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    Fatima Shafiq 4 months

    Wow. Amazing well written

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    Sheza 4 months

    This is just too good. Such beautiful and elegant writing

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    Aemon 4 months

    This is so well written I love itt

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    Mustafa Ali Khan 4 months

    Beautifully written by Talha, keep it up! 😉

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