13th Chinese Bridge Competition – Prize Distribution Ceremony

13th Chinese Bridge Competition – Prize Distribution Ceremony

On October 8th, 2020 The Millennium Education organized the Prize distribution and certification ceremony to recognize the hard work of the participants and celebrate the achievement of the winners of the 13th Chinese Bridge Competition in Pakistan.

What is Chinese Bridge Competition ?

The Chinese Bridge is an international Chinese language competition for the students to demonstrate their Chinese language skills and knowledge about Chinese culture. The 13th Chinese Bridge Competition is annually organized by China Radio International and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. Chinese Bridge Competition in Pakistan gives an incredible opportunity to the students to come forward and present their Chinese language skills on an international platform.

Through participation in this competition students not only got a chance to exhibit their language skills but it actually enhanced their presentation skills and with an exposure of the Chinese culture. The competition assessed the knowledge of students across three areas;

  • Chinese language proficiency
  • Knowledge of China
  • Chinese cultural performance

Chinese Bridge Competition in Roots Millennium School

Roots Millennium School is the best Chinese language institute in Islamabad. It is worth mentioning that 11 Students from all over Pakistan participated in the national round of the competition out of which 10 students were from The Millennium Education School. Seven students from TME One World Campus, E-11/4 Islamabad, two students  from Future World School, Phase 6 – DHA Lahore and one student from Millennium College, I-9/3 Islamabad.

Details of the position holders are given below


Sukhen Fatima                                  TME   One World Campus                          2nd Prize

Maryam Jafar                                     TME   One World Campus                          2nd Prize


Dewa Wajid                                        Millennium Campus I-9/3                            3rd Prize

Faris Saddiqi                                      TME   One World Campus                         3rd Prize

Sameer Khan                                      TME   Wahid Campus                                 3rd Prize


Muhammad Taha Aman                   FWS   Lahore Campus                      Excellence Award

Muhammad Tabish Raheman         FWS    Lahore Campus                      Excellence Award

Meerab Fatima                                 TME   One World Campus               Excellence Award


Meerab Umair                                  TME   One World Campus            Excellence Award

Yamin Khan                                     TME   One World Campus            Excellence Award


The prize distribution ceremony was graced by Ms. Sabina Zakir, Director Communication, Community and Outreach – TME and Mr. Shaheen, Director China Radio International, Pakistan at Auditorium of One World Campus, Islamabad.

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