The Digital Era – Electronic Voting at Future World School

The Digital Era – Electronic Voting at Future World School

In our contemporary society, digital services have been playing a significant role for quite a long time now. Even so, we use the internet and electronic devices for everything except the one most defective, unwieldy, and time-consuming job: casting votes. The tradition of voting by dropping chits with names of your favourite candidates in a box had become a passé in our school. After our school The Millennium Education has coded an electronic voting program.

Electronic Voting at Future World School

The Millennium Education (Future World School), one of the leading private institutions of Pakistan decided to hold this year’s student council elections through e-voting. Miscounting was a concept lost when it came to mounting up the number of votes for each person. We use electronic voting machine to cast vote.

The implementation of the e-voting method in the election of the student council was the result of the creativity of students by utilizing laptops and the internet network as a medium plus the encouragement from the school to continue to develop it. The enactment of this election – electronic voting ran more effectively and efficiently compared to the conventional method which is enough to spend time, costs, and human resources, plus, the confidentiality of the data is guaranteed safe.

How Electronic Voting Works at The Millennium Education ?

Votes were registered immediately, reducing the time and effort which otherwise go into holding the elections. We used to waste several lectures to hold elections and count votes prior to having this extremely impressive and eco-friendly system instigated.

Above all, our school was heedful of the present-day circumstances: COVID-19. Although COVID-19’s fluctuating effects, recently, have proved it to be a serious bone of contention, our school did a terrific job following strict SOPs and still be able to have hundreds of students cast votes. FWS decided to go completely green and eliminated the use of paper. This was also an attempt to keep up with changing times and was my personal favourite perk of this experiment.

What Are the Drawbacks of Electronic Voting ?

The e-voting system, however, has some drawbacks. Apart from the possibility of technical issues cropping up and difficulty in getting used to the program, the system is also prone to misuse. As students are not registered, they can cast multiple votes under different names.

A problem of distrust in voting can be significantly reduced; perhaps they can even disappear, if e-voting is conducted with the assistance of educated voters, in addition to the increased simplicity of e-voting. The students ‟job‟ is exactly composed of adoption and construction of something new. I believe that students will have no obstacles while understanding and adopting this way of voting. Furthermore, I hope that one day the whole population will have such an attitude.

Benefits of Studying in The Millennium Education

From my standpoint, school is the most important place for the ongoing democratic process, starting from school, children begin to socialize, get to know many friends in collaboration, and take responsibility apart from a more limited family environment.

Political interest primarily arises and develops during the school period. The influence of the school environment is far stronger than the influence of family or friends. Schools become a strategic position in developing democratization especially in the political field because at this time children political interests emerge and develop.

In my humble opinion, Future World School, Lahore has done an incredible job setting forth the idea of e-voting because here, we strive towards excellence with quality education, not only in an academic direction, but also in the race of life.


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