Wahid Pioneers The Second Young Diplomats Forum

The Debates and declamation Society at Roots Millennium Schools – Wahid Campus arranged the 2nd Edition of the  Young Diplomats Forum on February 2oth, 2019; a one-day caucus providing a unique and objective research dialogue on current affairs. This initiative was first taken in 2017. The 1st YDF focused on policy making. Students formulated a policy response on the rise of extremism in South Asia, China’s one belt road initiative, Trump’s immigration Policy, Middle East Crisis and Kashmir Conflicts.

This year, the students debated on the following topics:

  1. Migrant crisis around the world
  2. Media’s freedom in Pakistan/ Accountability and transparency, Sensationalism versus Ethical Journalism.
  3. Is UN obsolete?
  4. Road to peace in Yemen: a myth or a reality.
  5. Role of Muslim World.

Learners from One World Campus, Piccadilly Campus, Millennium Campus and the host Wahid Campus participated irrepressible energy. It was a frank and open dialogue aimed to continuously accommodate great ideas and build bridges for understanding and cooperation on different aspects of global affairs.

This forum is set to recognize, enhance and develop the next generations of diplomats. We, at Wahid Campus, hope to continue this shared mission of shaping, sharpening and aspiring a new generation of enlightened global-minded Millennials and leaders.

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