Displacing people from their homeland, destroying cities and killing people, the wars still doing irreparable damage. Why? Isn’t this world the only place for creatures to live in? If yes, why are we humans so keen on trying to rip it apart? World war I and world war II, did they benefit us? How will they, if 70-85million people get killed?

I’ll take this to say the two countries, India and Pakistan have no legit reason to be conflicted states as “darkness cannot drive out of darkness: only light can do that. Hate can not drive out of hate: only love can do that” – Marten Luther. Through this quote, we can say that if these two countries have love and try to resolve their issues, peace will surely prevail. This is a burning issue that not only destroys the cities and their infrastructure, but also the feelings and emotions of people. I always thought adults were wiser compared to children but now I think quite the opposite.

It’s really easy to shoot a person in a war, weak, right in front of you. However, its impossible stop the tears of a person who lost his or her dad, husband, brother, wife and sister. Impossible to hold them together.

Alan Kurdi, the 3-year-old child that died with his mother and brother, leaving his father alone and the responsibility goes to the countries at war. Not Kurdi’s family who wanted to save their lives and live at peace. There were 84,701 children under the age of 5 who died due to starvation in Yemen. Is this how a child dreams of living?

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