Favorite Book : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Favorite Book : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You construe a book each diurnal, but have you ever thought that if somebody asks you to give him a comprehensive review about the book how will you expound him about the book? My today’s content is mainly about the review of my favorite book called “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

Charlie and the chocolate factory whirls around a boy who was destitute, but his fortunate fate got him a precious golden ticket. He could visit Willy’s Wonka world eminent chocolate factory, where he had an abundant venture. Charlie was the only superior boy, which had a great journey around the factory.

Main Theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Now let’s talk about the main theme, I would like to share my approaches to this book, which was inscribed by Roald Dahl and demonstrated by Quentin Blake. In my opinion, this book is indeed very extraordinary. The author goes profound in intervals to designate the very moment. At some stints, I believe that the inspired author added melodies or poetries to define the significant scene.

In addition, I would like to stake that the author tries to project an image, which is whirling around our mind. We can easily understand and portrait the extract along as we mumble the words slowly. The novelist has an aptitude to enhance adjectives and grammar to make his passages more mature and vibrant.  favorite book charlie and the chocolate factory

On the other hand, I feel a slight variation in this book as compared to the other books that were written by the same author. It has attractive pictures, which are faded and gives us intimation about the other part of the story. Well, I hope this fact isn’t a spoiler to the reader, otherwise, the entire mood can get ruined and there is no fun in reading.

In the contrast, I would also like to rate this story. It was my favorite story, so I’d like to rate it 5/5. Why am I rating it fully, as there can be several other books that are one of my favorites, so what is the determination of rating it fully? The motive is that this story had many humorous scenes, deep contextual implications for our grammar improvement, an inimitable style to explain the whole extract.

In my perspective, I consider that this story has something associated with knowledge. What I got to recognize was that Roald Dahl gabbed about some random discoveries that were originated in the factory. For instance; The Great Gum Machine, Chocolate River, The Gobstoppers and Hair toffee Inventing Room, Nut room, and The Great Glass Elevator.

On this basis, can there be a concealed moral or message to this story? Well, I believe that there is a virtue to this story, but how can we figure the moral out? If we deliberate on the whole story then the lesson is in our palms. The moral is that the poor boy passed the whole chocolate factory, as he wasn’t acquisitive neither did he tried to put himself into any big problem.

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