The Whole Purpose of Education

The Whole Purpose of Education

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. When I look at this famous quote by Sydney J. Harris, it causes me to ponder over the deeper purpose of education that we fail to realise. Getting educated has got restricted to the attainment of degree or a prerequisite for getting into a nice Company on a high salary. Unfortunately, people have adopted this attitude by and large and are reluctant to see beyond this boundary which they have drawn for themselves. Modern research in the field of psychology has proven that the highest level which can be achieved by someone; is of self-actualization, which means a person starts looking beyond himself and starts caring for others. This is called empathy, which is indeed an attribute of the few.

Some people are blessed with many God-gifted qualities that they start admiring themselves. I must say they are on a basic level, their behaviour is narcissistic. To think highly of oneself is an act that most people indulge in. I have witnessed people who are all praises for themselves even when they don’t have a single positive attribute. In other words we can say that they look in the mirror, at themselves. Whereas, only education can open their eyes and enable them to broaden their horizon. Only then will they become capable of looking in the window, at others and start empathising with them.

Only those people, who are sensitive towards others can really make a difference in the world and bring about a positive change. Active Citizenship Programme, which was introduced as a campaign by The British Council, has originated from the same idea. Students of ages between sixteen to twenty years of age are trained to participate in these projects. These projects are aimed to engage in social welfare activities.

Our religion Islam has also taught us humanity. We should care about others.

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