Talking nineteen to the dozen nowadays, my mom woke up by the sound of chortling from my room

MOM: Its 3:00 am Romaisa who are you talking to right now!

It was just a normal house party session we were having on a video chat since the Quarantine was making us sick. The only kind of activity we are having throughout the quarantine is Facetiming each other like three times a day and charging our phones 5 times a day man! I really thought in the start that I would like my life in isolation staying away from people and chilling but what it actually resulted in was over thinkers not mixing up with quarantine.

Seriously on the quarantine day 9 I started to  participate in the most boring family group and now I’m down with the vlogs because that is the only way out to get through the anxiety times. These video calls somehow made me remember the hallucinations of how we used to scamper through the thronging corridors, those nonsensical giggles and bitter words all of them didn’t feel pointless anymore but those flashbacks actually made me think back to the quality times I had spent with my friends.

From bunking classes to banging doors and camouflaging from our coordinators and then later getting hauled over the coals. Standing throughout the classes for not bringing notebooks and then chuckling like idiots making the teachers even more exasperated.

No! We didn’t regret doing all of that, but yes we do miss getting reprimanded every second because of the demoniac ideas that hit into our minds. This quarantine made us realize that we actually are intolerable and our own parents cannot make ends meet with us.

This again gives me a flash from the past of the times we used to sit in the Alley to chitter chatter and talk about the latest gossips of the campus. Planning for the functions, those dance practices, even having clashes and ranting after people. The campus holds unforgettable memories. New batches coming and the older ones leaving, we all have had one in a million memories, unexampled and incomparable ones.

Each corridor imprisons and echoes a remembrance .Continuing all the memories come thick and fast. For some of the experiences we get to realize that how truly special those days were. Doing silly things with my friends. Having long, impromptu conversations. Turning right where you would have to usually turn left.

I am sure the corridors may not be the same anymore there must be a desolate wilderness in them.

Down the memory lane we anticipate and wish the good days to come back real quick!

Looking forward to see all of the teachers who miss us!

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