If I were a bird

If I were a bird

When I was four years old, one day I was sitting in my garden, I saw few birds chirping on a big shady tree. I was fascinated by the way birds were flying high up in the sky. I wished to be a bird. I thought if I were a bird, I would have travelled to Amazon Jungle.

The next day, when I woke up I felt something on my back, when I tried to see suddenly my wings opened and I was surprised to see long – beautiful colorful wings which came out from my back. I had turned into a beautiful Macaw. My feathers were in blue, green, yellow, and red color. My tail was so long and colorful. I flew away from the window of my room.

The world looked so beautiful from above the sky. I always wanted to see a jungle so I started travelling towards Amazon Jungle. It was vast. There, I met my most favorite movie characters of Madagascar.

Alex (the lion), Marty (the zebra), Gloria (the hippo), Melman (the giraffe). We had a camp-fire party at night. They all were so funny, I had the most exciting time over there with them.

Next day, I met Kion (the lion), Fully (the cheeta), Banga (the honey badger), Ono (the bird), Besty (the hippo). I travelled to the Pride land with them where I saved a bird that was stuck in twigs.

I travelled across the rivers and lakes. The water was sparling from above. I landed on a snowy mountain to rest and suddenly I saw a snow leopard. It was about to attack me but I flew away like the wind.

I saw a waterfall, I went through it but it was a mistake, my all feathers got wet. Alas!!

And I wished to be back to be myself. What a fantastic journey.

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