What Makes Me Come To School

The sun escaping from the clouds to spread its rays, plants swinging and waving to the tune of birds chirping. The magnificent new day is feeling quite lonely without the ringing of the school bell and kids proudly singing the national anthem in their morning assembly at school.

I feel like I have the same situation right now on a weekend just like the day, as in my opinion school isn’t an infrastructure in which you only sit and listen to the long lasting lectures the teachers convey. In truth, it’s a vital part of life in which you learn to be creative, expressive, well-behaved, you increase your listening skills and you also get to discover a variety of qualities which help you face the future.

This was basically the general discussion on what a school is for but the mind blowing and futuristic school I have is the best as it has central air-conditioned classes, two science laboratories, ICT labs, a vast underground swimming pool, a prodigious ground, several classes, cafeteria and an auditorium.

So, this school is not only good for its infrastructure in fact its brilliant and humble teachers, support staff and of course the best headmistress who’s incomparable and the breathtaking students who actually are the main piece of this puzzle.

The relaxing atmosphere helps everyone concentrate on their work, creating a perfect environment for everyone as you stay calm and grasp everything well.

However, these are only some of the reasons while the real reason I come to school is that I know that my future is based on some points and bases that I need to follow at school so that I can rock and show this world who I am.

Now the day is also happy just like me.

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