Social Media: What are the Impacts?

Social Media: What are the Impacts?

Social media are technologies through which you can share information, ideas, interests and other interactions through the internet. People usually get access to social media through apps, desktops or other services that offer social media to their devices.

Social media has both positive and negative impacts on our lives. With the help of social media, many people around the world can learn through the internet. For example, since Covid has started, many schools have changed to online classes and even if a person is in another country, he/she is able to gain a lot of knowledge. Another great benefit of social media is that it helps in saving people’s lives. Spreading awareness amongst people is also very important. Like spreading awareness of diseases, illnesses or other things people should stay away from. Many people also use social media as the key to becoming successful or getting recognized. People who have become famous get recognized when they show their talent through the internet.

However, even though social media has multiple positive impacts, many of them lead to terrible things. For example, it is said that people can communicate and know more about each other even if they are at the other side of the world, yes, it is true, but you can’t possibly tell whether the other person is good or bad or whether he/she is being honest with you or not. There are also many cases in which a person goes into depression which furthermore causes more health problems. The main reason that causes depression as a result of using social media is when we compare ourselves with what we see on other people’s social media accounts.

One of the biggest problems of social media is that sometimes important information like passwords or important documents can sometimes get leaked which destroys your privacy. Hacking is also a big problem. There are still cases in which people especially kids in games get hacked. The hacker pretends to be friendly and starts to ask the kid personal question like passwords and addresses and when he/she gets the information needed they hack into your account.

Now, we can prevent ourselves from the negative effects of social media. The first is that we have to be mindful of our social media habits meaning that we should be more conscious of what we are doing. We should be conscious of how much time are we spending on social media, how are we using it, and what information we are giving to someone whether it be related to accounts or even personal life. Another thing to stay away from the harmful impact of social media is to always keep using positive content. Using content that makes you feel sad or angry can also cause multiple problems like depression (mentioned above). We must also try to stay connected who have positive content and make you happy.

We must remember that we are in charge of our emotions and how we use social media and we should do what we think is right. Cheers to a positive experience – and goodbye to the negative effects of social media!

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