Strike One With Millennium Governance System!

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The Millennium Education recently revamped the Millennium Governance System thereby introducing 4 Universal concepts to caption the houses of the Millennium House System. The houses are Courage, Unity, Peace and Hope. This revival of the Millennium House System has greatly influenced our practiced in schools in terms of constructive competition amongst learners.

The very spirit of competition and sportsmanship springs up when Sports come into the picture. Learners are amused at mere mention of Sports Day. The last Saturday of the month of October in 2018 was themed ‘Sports Open Day’ to encourage sports and games in school grounds on a larger scale. All Campuses of The Millennium Education celebrated the Sports Open Day at an enormous level this time. Few campuses involved their Parent community as well while some did not. However, each campus pressed on the fine execution and fair adjudication to suit the elegance of the education system. I can proudly say that the rejuvenation and restoration of The Millennium House System (MGS) has brought colours and brightness to each campus.

Combination of March Pasts, Choir and colourful teams adorned the event. Variety of Sports and games sprung enthusiasm and fervour in Millennials of all ages. Parents applauded the proceedings and gave positive feedback on conduction of Sports Open Day.

Campuses take the MGS seriously and ensure putting scores on the board. We find learners approaching the campus administration and notify their accomplishment, in order to bring laurels to their house and grab a spot on the Scoreboard.

All in all, the day marked a tremendous beginning of true execution of The Millennium House System and Sports’ activities at The Millennium Education.

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