The Best Things About My School

Last summer, I joined Roots Millennium Schools. The campus was built in a small house with two small playgrounds. To be honest, I really wasn’t excited to move to this school but during winter vacation, we were surprised with a dynamic new campus being built. When our holidays were over, my brother and I went to the new school and God, It was HUGE! Painted red, yellow and white, I really liked the bright colors of the building because red is my favorite color! It has nice, expansive grounds, one for playing football and the other, still undergoing construction. We have a really great cafe too. The building has three levels. The ground level is for the smaller kids (Montessori and playgroup). The second floor houses all the classes from Grade 1 to 5. The 3rd floor has classes from 6th onward.

The best things about my school are our teachers. They are the kindest. We have a lot of room to run around, we have comfortable furniture and a Chill Out Room. It’s for the older kids but I wish they would soon have one for us too! Also, our cafe is so good that it sometimes makes it difficult to keep my mind on my books!

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