Time Travel

Diana Anderson was an 13 year old girl but people call her Diane, she was born with ‘a silver spoon in her mouth’ so she got every thing she wanted, including her PRECIOUS cell phone. She was also severely addicted to her phone, on Christmas she would want new phone covers or more chargers, this is her story which changed everything. “DIANA ANDERSON!” miss Anderson said at her highest voice to her indolent daughter on the cell phone as usual, Diane tapped something on her phone and looked at her mother’s frustrated face “what?” she said annoyed  “how many times have I told you? NO  CELLPHONE  PAST  EIGHT!” shouted her mother “wait is it 8 already?” Diane said looking at her watch (she got from her birthday) “now… go and get some eggs for dinner” said miss Anderson, Diane had a provoked look on her face.

Diane walked across the street with some money in her hands to buy the eggs, in her mind she was thinking “ I’m not going to buy the eggs we have at least 10 servants to do this, wait then I wont get my phone, and last week two maids who bring things for us quieted of too much extra work. Only if things just dropped in your lap” just then Diane saw a strange looking old lady wearing a black shawl, a bead necklace and holding a blue ball in her hand, the old lady seemed to notice Diane’s worried face and came up to her “dear child, tell me, what’s bothering you?” said the old lady in a cranky voice “my mother burned my fingers saying that I’m to involved in my cell phone and now I have to get eggs and be back till 9” said Diane quite embarrassed, “my dear, all you are is a rough diamond, you just need a little polish!” said the old lady and with that rubbed her ball with her shawl, all of a sudden Diane noticed that her watch was going backwards. Diane saw herself in this out of date village where every one was playing outside, instead of a clock there was a sundial.

This boy walked up to Diane and made a monkey of her “why are you teasing me?” she asked, hurt “look at your silly looking clothes and that thing on your wrist, it’s ridiculous!” said the boy and he continued mocking her but Diane did not listen she was deep  in thought “have I gone back in time?” , just then this girl came and told the boy to stop after doing that looked at Diane “hey sorry about that, that boy’s Dink, oh that rascal, caught him like a pony running away. You ain’t from around here are you miss?” said a cow boyish voice “no I’m not from around here at all” replied Diane “heh you talk funny. My name’s Riley, yours?” “I’m Diana” told Diane, Riley soon let Diane stay at her house. later  Diane was in a farm doing hard work, that’s right she was now working for Riley’s parents who did not like Diane at all, they made her milk the cows, feed the chickens, grow the crops, mop the floor, Riley’s parents told Diane if she did not work she could not stay, Diane soon thought of her loving mother. Diane soon felt an urge to watch   her phone but she could not since she was back in time where times were hard, it was like she was from riches to rags. Night fell and she was in a bed sobbing “I should have been more grateful for every thing I had but instead watched that stupid cell phone of mine” the old women appeared all of a sudden “I see you’ve learned your lesson” the old lady “yes I have, now please take me home!” cried Diane “alright, and for understanding have  this magic time travel ball” said the old lady and handed the ball over to Diane “ thank you” said Diane and she was back home at 9:00 with the blue ball. Now by hearing this story remember, always play safe.

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    Syeda Maimoona Hamed 9 months

    Superb! Way to go Layaan! Maashaa Allah maashaa Allah! That’s my niece ❤️☺️👍🏻 Alhamdullilah. 

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