Another Success at Pine – Entrepreneurship & Leadership Seminar!

Roots Millennium Schools Pine campus conducted a seminar on Leadership & Entrepreneurship. The session was delivered by Syed Khizar Rizvi, Project Coordinator, Durshal Abbottabad and the Tech Valley team. It was designed to educate the students on how to be a leader in the modern world and instill within them the necessary traits that a leader of the 21st century should possess.

After the constructive conversation about leadership, the session moved towards Entrepreneurship and how Pakistan needs Entrepreneurs and the startup environment in order for the country to grow and progress and how the students of the school see themselves, as someone who follows the entrepreneur-centric mindset which are of a leader or a job-centric mindset which is of a follower. The crux of the conversation was focused on the pros and cons of both the mindset and left it to the students to decide which path they want to follow.

In conclusion, the students were also educated on the lines of Climate Change and how serious and dire situation that the modern world is facing right now where we are in this dilemma that the problem is created by the humans and the solution also rest with humans. The talk based upon how a leader will take initiative on these lines and how one should possess the necessary traits of a leader in order to challenge and fight off against climate change and come out victorious.

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