An Unusual Place

An Unusual Place

The land was shining as if it was a glitter land. The color was Saffron. The trees were as round as a circle. White leaves with red, bloody branches and black roots. I was on the Costar Planet. There was plenty of gravity. I was flying and it seemed that I was swimming. People said that many precious things were hidden in the glittery soil of this planet. But because of a little amount of gravity, no one was able to dig the soil and find those precious things. I wished that there was gravity but unfortunately, there was a very little bit of gravity. Then I went ahead and saw the sun. The color was orange and a little bit purple and black.

I was surprised that many things on this planet were different and unique from the Earth, where I used to live. The gravity, the trees, the sun, and the soil, all of them were very different from my planet. The trees produced oxygen for 24 hours (1 day). The color of the clouds was pink and the sky was gray. It appeared as if the sky was upset, angry, sad, and sorrowful. The water was of light pink and red color.

If I see in the water, my reflection was bright yellow. Sun was sinking and the green, gooey moon was rising. I turned and began to return to home. When I was 1 meter away from my home on Costar Planet, I saw a monster with 2 eyes with 2 maroon eyeballs in each, enormous legs, 2 heads with 1 hair on each, 4 hands with 40 extremities, and belly as big as an elephant. I ran away from him and reached my home. I locked the main gate so he couldn’t come inside and harm us. I told mum and dad about what happened. They comforted me that it won’t be able to hurt us. This night, I was not able to sleep at all. The whole night I was thinking that he would come and hurt all of us and we would die. I had a dream that he came in the house, destroyed everything and at last, ate all of us! I told this to my parents in the morning and they asked me to be relaxed.

My mum was taking me to the market, and I saw that many people lived there and the things they ate were very different. They ate many different fruits and vegetables that looked disgusting. I don’t know how they ate such rubbish!                                                      

There were many stories, but one was of them was not a story; it was truth. There was a monster that I saw yesterday, and people said that they were scared. They wanted someone to kill the monster but there was only one way. There was a mountain and on its top is a wand. Monster’s life depends on it and if you destroy the wand, he will die. My parents were making a car that could fly so they could go up the mountain and destroy the wand so that people could become relaxed, especially me.

After 2 months, they succeeded, and we packed the things that we had to take for survival. We started the journey in the evening. When we reached near the mountain, we saw that the weather changed and despite the sun having set, it arouses again. The wand was shining, and we could see it from a distance. We went to take it and break it. The monster was about to kill our neighbors, but it suddenly vanished and was not seen again.

We went back and were appreciated a lot. Dad and mum got a medal and shield from the mayor for destroying the wand that led to the death of that monster while I got a certificate and shield. After his death, everyone lived freely without being frightened or scared. That was the best adventure ever!  

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