Are We Serious about Saving Wildlife and Environment?

Are We Serious about Saving Wildlife and Environment?

Being environmentally conscious is the best thing, one can do to save wildlife and the surrounding environment. It all starts from the individual level and moves towards creating a greater impact, in the form of a sensitized society and responsible citizens.

Open A Discussion about Saving Animals

Engage your fellows, friends, and family in the discussion about helping stray animals and their struggles. We need to work on saving great animals for that take your fellows out for a tour and show them the stray animals wandering around, hungry and thirsty

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Animals Can Feel

Animals are an adorable creatures of nature, if we love them they will give us unlimited love. They desire to be loved and taken care of. They can also feel as they also have emotions. They have the right to live happily in their territory. Have you ever seen animals saving humans – yes animals can feel and they save humans in many ways.

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Sensitize People

Talk to people about what can be done for the poor homeless creatures and how care and proper grooming can be provided to them. It will divert their attention towards this agenda of saving wildlife and providing a safe and secure natural habitat for them.

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Our Part in Destroying Plants and Animals Homes 

We as a human can play a major role in destroying and ensuring the healthy environment for us as well as for all the living creatures whether they are plants or animals. Deforestation, urbanization, harvesting fossil fuels, etc are all some of the major reasons behind natural habitats destruction.

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Conserve the Natural Habitat

Try your best to conserve the natural habitat of wildlife by planting more trees, discouraging and stopping deforestation, and reducing land and water pollution.

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Plant Native Plants

Native plants need less water and help avoid erosion as compared to lawns. Native plants need less pesticides than lawns and do not need fertilizers. Native plants are adapted to where they occur naturally, so we should plant native plants to let wildlife survive.


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They Need us, They Need You

By all these small steps, we can help the poor creatures who are suffering because of us. They need us all together in this.

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I hope you all are convinced to save wildlife and environment. I am student of Future World School Gulberg Greens Islamabad and I am in a grade IGCSE III. Kindly let me know your remarks in comments and share the blog if you liked.

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