What Makes Me Come To School

The sun pricked at my eyes and the fresh air seemed to be whispering in my ear “Come on, get up.” A new day, and I feel like a new born baby, opening my eyes in this imaginative world, once again. As you open your eyes, you feel as if the darkness behind your eyes is now filled with colors. The birds sang a lovely tune, which relaxed my brain and energized my body for a new and busy day. And my day is never complete if I don’t go to my school, the biggest, most amazing school – Future World Schools .

In my opinion, a school is a place where you spend half the day and learn a lot of things, other than studies. It’s a place where you can express your imagination and see your potential and skills. Schools not only educate us, but also teach us how to behave in a particular situation. It builds your character, it gives you challenges and most importantly it teaches you to practice self-control. These are a few things that make me come to school. I like going to school because I don’t take school as burden, instead I take it as a fun place to be.

I feel lucky to be study in my school, Future World Schools – Bahria Town, Karachi. It is the perfect school for my personality, because it provides us with a balance in the amount of studies and sports. My school is best in many things like its educational base, extra-curricular activities, infrastructure etc.

The people in my surroundings are amazing, first of which is our dear principal, who is very kind and lively towards us and then our teachers and students, who are extremely friendly and motivational. I can never forget to mention our support staff, because its them who work so hard to keep our school clean and tidy. Most importantly, my thirst for knowledge makes me attend school daily.

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