Where I See The World In A 100 Years


As time will proceed, many things will change. Generations after generations will help mould this place into a much more preferable place then it is now. As this due course of time passes by, the social relations that people will have with each other will change and they will not think of giving people time as they will become more absorbed in their relations with technology to have time to make an effort towards their relations with the people around them. They would look forward to inter-human interaction if it is completely necessary and requires their attention otherwise, they would easily go without it. The scientific realm would prosper in the hands of the new unorthodox ideas which the young millennials would introduce in order to make this a more convenient and secure place for people who find difficulties in the ‘old ways’.

Many political issues would also resolve to help and dissolve many alliances people make to go against certain political parties or even countries. If they find that this place is more secure for them to live in and have a safety guarantee then they wouldn’t need the idea of alliances against parties that they feel insecure about. As people would have a fresh and unviolated mindset towards all of this, they would want to make this a better place for themselves along with everyone around them. This would only be possible if the future generation would be aided to learn from past mistakes and make them have a positive outlook.

As the generations would go on, the scientific dimension would be greatly affected and would flourish in ways that we can’t perceive right now as we don’t have the understanding of the possible outlooks people might have. The discoveries of science expand the thinking borders we have, which might turn our perspectives into being limitless with no possible boundary adhering the way of success. New ways of telecommunication, communication and transport would be discovered and applied into our daily lifestyles, masking our present technology ‘old and ancient’.

People would look forward to technological enhancement and find their ways of entertainment through them, and as a conclusion people’s relations with each other would start to wither away. People would start to become dependent upon technology, making them reliant on the advances that modernized technology would be able to provide and after a short while they wouldn’t be able to operate without having that specialized mechanical support. They would become idle and indolent which would shorten the life span of people overall and would affect their health. As the scientific researches increase the knowledge of a common man, they might lead to people using it to make advanced destructive weapons that would be used for greater destruction and possible annihilation.

Along with many benefits, the future holds many disadvantages that we don’t have to face while we live our worthwhile in the surroundings of minimal technological enhancement as compared to those that people will achieve in the future.



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