World Bee Day 2021 – 20th May 2021

World Bee Day 2021 – 20th May 2021

Bee Engaged: Build Back Better for Bees

It`s a Bee thing or not? Of all the different pollinator species in the world, bees are the most popular ones with 25000-30000 species. Bees and all the other pollinators are under threat of extinction. They do so much for us and our planet through pollination which is a fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystem. Don`t you think it is time for us to return to them ?? Even a small act matters.

On the account of World Bee Day, our little millennial Hoorain Akbar, Junior Year, Future World School Lahore created an ecological space at her home to advocate environmental protection and planting flowers so bees and other pollinators could be saved from extinction.

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