Education and How Today’s World Treats It

Education and How Today’s World Treats It

Human beings have achieved milestones. The landing on the moon, sending rovers to mars, or even the discovery of space and stars and solar systems – which is pretty amazing for a two-legged animal to have achieved – are all matters of great complexity for a child. Just like that we, humans, started from nothing and it is only knowledge and learning that has gotten us this far.

Knowledge is power. Education is pathway towards that power, but what are our reasons for getting education nowadays? For money, prestige, and success. That is all that’s left of its value in this time and age. Also there are many eLearning workshops and instructional design virtual workshop that one can attend online to understand more about education eLearning and its trends.

Students just want to pass a subject, get a grade somehow with the supposed hacks teachers are expected to provide, and get into a so-called good university. What then? The same mind set

prevails. To secure a good job, to start a business; that too a highly profitable one, and that’s it. Unfortunately, not one single person speaks against this race. Parents, teachers, peers, in fact the whole society promotes this mind set. It is definitely a race. A race you’re pushed into the moment you are born.

On top of that the recent wave of anti-technology mind set has hit the older generations, so deeply embedding into them the thought that it is the one true enemy. It could have catastrophic results because technology is the future of mankind. Such conservative ideas would only push us back to the old world, which we all know wasn’t as great as presented in historical dramas. Technology has opened many gateways to getting education, to learning, like never before. It is a privilege.

The truth is, we aren’t raising responsible individuals who know what’s good for them and what isn’t, we’re raising sheep. Why aren’t we teaching people to use technology effectively if that isn’t the case? What good is banning gadgets during exams when the addiction will persist as soon as the ban is lifted – and that too probably worsening?

When will we open our eyes and see the reality? Literacy rates keep increasing, people keep talking about the value of education, but what about the quality of that education?

Education shouldn’t be about passing an exam. Education shouldn’t be about getting rich. These things of course, follow, but the core reason for receiving an education should always remain as the learning and acquiring of knowledge. That attitude, and that mind set only, will benefit humankind.

With education, today’s literacy rate, and the amount of knowledge available to you through the internet – just one click away, we can achieve much more than the milestones our past generations already have. They were only human too.

All it is going to take is a simple change of mind set.

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