Forests and Environment

Forests and Environment

Our Survival depends on the forests. The forests are the most important places on Earth. They provide shelter and shade to almost all the animals and birds. They also provide shade to human beings. Forests provide habitats for animals and live hood for humans. Forest also protects us from natural disasters such as floods, pollution, etc.

Around ten million hectares of forest of the world are destroyed each year. People are cutting down the forests and our Environment is getting polluted. If we didn’t stop cutting trees our environment will get more polluted and the area from which the trees have been cut down will become drier. If we cut down trees the animals and plants species will get extinct, and their habitat will be destroyed. One tree provides oxygen to up to 7 people. Almost 98% of the world’s oxygen is produced by forests. And people are cutting down those forests for building factories, warehouses, companies etc. Which produce polluted air in our environment. Every breath forests exhale oxygen and take in carbon dioxide so we can breathe. Our Survival depends on forests and without trees, we can’t live. The most important thing that we should remember is rain can’t occur with trees because trees produce a climate that is both chilly and damp to cause rainfall. Forests also control floods. Trees prevent soil erosion when heavy rain. So, if we cut them there will be floods in our city and town and there will be much more soil erosion.

We should stop discarding trees to make our environment clean and green. We should plant more trees on different occasions to make our world green, produce oxygen, and save our environment from getting polluted. If we cut down one tree, then we should plant 10 more. We should plant as many trees and plants as we can because they absorb harmful, toxic gases and produce the air that we breathe in. If we cut down these trees and plants, then we will no longer survive on this planet anymore. We should plant as many trees as we can, to protect our country Pakistan, from getting polluted.

“Planting a tree saves a life.”

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