How to Deal with Exam Stress 

How to Deal with Exam Stress 


It’s Time All! 

Dear Learners of The Millennium Education

We would like to express gratitude to our learners and the parental community for their extended cooperation with the school and teachers during the difficult times of the pandemic, thus strengthening the digital school agreement and the social contract. The last year has been a roller coaster ride for the entire humanity. For Cambridge students IGCSE, AS/A Level is more challenging as you all will be sitting for examinations after a year.

Here are a few pointers to help you manage the stress and anxiety that you might be facing during COVID19 and exam preparation.

  • Plan and Prepare

Have a regular routine and a timetable set for your exams. If you still have not done it, no need to panic. It’s never late. So make a routine, set a timetable and you are good to go.

  • Talk to friends and family

Talk to your family and friends. Share your doubts and apprehensions about the exam with them. Talking openly about the issues that stress you out can be a breather. Don’t let loneliness consume you during your exam preparation because it’ll do more damage than good.

  • Reach out to your teachers /school and faculty for help whenever necessary

Remember your teachers are also trying to beat the COVID blues as well. The school and the staff are there to help and facilitate you. You should not only call or visit if you have an academic concern, be open to having a conversation with them about anything. So, don’t hesitate to seek assistance or advice when you need it.

  • Look after your physical health

It’s essential to eat healthily, do some stretching or exercise every day. Most importantly, maintain a regular sleeping pattern to wake up fresh and perform tasks for the day. Going to bed at the early hours in the morning will not only affect your physical condition but also impact your studies.

  • Take breaks at regular intervals

Studying during this pandemic hasn’t been easy for most students. We go through mood swings and a rollercoaster of emotions much more than before. So, it’s not ideal to spend all day studying. Take short breaks and engage yourself in your hobby or a sport in between.

  • Prioritize your mental health

Just as vital as your physical health is also your mental health. Make sure you’re not spending too much time on social media that it’s burning you out or causing you to delay your studies. It’s easy to get carried away by the negativity that comes in the form of misinformation or the picture-perfect presentation of your friends on social media during the lockdown. So, if you’re scrolling on social media a lot then you must be mindful about what you’re exposing yourself to. If you think you can’t handle the anxiety or the stress that follows, talk to your school, family, or trusted friends.

Whether we like it or not, COVID -19 is not going anywhere, at least not for a while. The key is to adapt, prepare and adjust to the ‘new normal’ to get through your studies. Remember to remind yourself that help is readily available whenever you need it, and rest assured this too shall pass.


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