Importance of School Trips

Importance of School Trips

Not only as a student but also as an individual, everyone wishes to travel and refresh their mind. I, for one, would be delighted to travel and see the world from a new perspective, perhaps a fresh perspective.
A student sits and stares at the board endlessly, looking at other student’s drained faces all day long. That can be really tiresome as one spends the rest of the week feeling fatigue.
Many assume that student life is cheerful and perfect as they are just children, but thousands of students including myself would strongly disagree with this assumption. School can be very stressful. The pressure of being a straight-A student can be a lot for a child. Maybe a day out with their classmates and friends will do them good, and will relax them to start a new week with a smile on their face.

school trip A student is like a flower that needs time and care to grow, and recreational trips help the students grow. They extract a lot of stress and add an exquisite experience into the students’ lives as moments they will never forget. A trip will give them a good bonding time with their friends and will free them of the torment of daily school life.

These trips are not only for relaxation and leisure but also very beneficial for a child’s education as it teaches them new things and puts the things taught in class to action. It creates a better understanding of concepts, for example, if there is a trip abroad, to say Morocco, that might help the student learn how differently things work in that country.

That may even help in understanding geography better.
These types of trips could also be helpful to students in making decisions about themselves in the future. The trip to the Pakistan Army’s Boot Camp this year is a good example as it gave students a new perspective and a new view on the life of an army officer. It creates a sense of responsibility and respect in a student. It was perhaps one of the most memorable trips for me.

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