Voice of Kashmir

Voice of Kashmir

They will come for me to get me one day

They will pull the trigger to kill me one day

They will ask me to say “I’m a terrorist” one day

I‘ll tell them I am a Muslim, I’ll defeat you one day

I’m just asking back my freedom, which you snatched one day

I can’t bear to be a slave, I’ll be free like Bilal one day

I can’t see my brothers dying, I’ll stop burying their beds one day

I can’t see my mothers crying, I’ll wipe off their tears one day

I can’t see my sisters being teased, I’ll bring back their honor one day

You’ll have to set us free, otherwise, the burden of crime will doom you down one day

My people are dying for life, I’ll see them in dignity one day

I want my freedom and I’m going to snatch it back one day

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